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Guiding rain and storm water off the roof and away from the foundation of the house is essential to your home’s structural well-being. Gutters that are clean and free of debris are necessary to facilitate this.
LA Roofing proudly uses Leaf Relief Gutter guards  that have a patented design which keeps debris out of gutters while allowing water to drain freely.

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Vinyl is a favorite among homeowners. It’s versatile, affordable and maintenance. Vinyl siding can easily stand up to all types of weather and wear, and won’t rot, flake or mold over time. You don’t have to worry about regular upkeep when you opt for vinyl siding – just one of the many advantages! You can also choose from a wide variety of colors and styles.



Composite is a great combination of natural elegance and low-maintenance vinyl. Composite shingles are made of synthetic materials that offer the look of wood, without the need for upkeep. This provides customers with great benefits – easy cleaning, durability and curb appeal. Composite comes in a large selection of styles and colors.



Cedar is a timeless siding material, loved by homeowners for centuries. Often called “shakes” cedar shingles come in natural shades such as brown and grey, giving your exterior a beautiful natural look to blend seamlessly with the natural environment. Although cedar may require more maintenance than synthetic, the beauty are undeniable!

Do you need new gutters? How about home gutter repair? Our experts are here to ensure that no matter how much precipitation or debris comes your way, your home is well protected.

Despite its high importance in the overall lifespan of the roof and foundation, rain gutters still tend to be overlooked parts of the home. People just don’t think about it, unless a problem arises because of it. There are still a lot of homes in Hartford, West Hartford, Bristol, Middletown, and Waterbury CT that don’t have a good system installed in their home.

Our contractors here at LA Roofing take pride in our installation services. We believe that our work doesn’t only produce a more aesthetically pleasing appearance to your home, but it also adds to the overall value of these. Get a Quote


LA Roofing and Siding LLC is fully licensed and insured for your protection and ours. We only provide the best quality products. LA Roofing and Siding LLC insisted to go beyond just installing GAF and Ownes Corning products, we became certified.

  • Rated #1 in shingle quality by contractors and home builders.
  • Ranked #1 in #Brand Familiarity, Brand Used in the Past Two Years, Brand Used the Most, Highest Quality Brand in Remodeling 2015 Brand User Awards for Ridge Vent Systems.
  • Winner of 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 Women’s Choice Award, with 9 out of 10 female customers highly recommending the brand to others.
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As an Owens Corning™ Preferred Roofing Contractor, we are part of a chosen network of roofing professionals. We meet high standards and satisfy strict requirements to enter the network, all to give you the peace of mind that you’ve chosen the right contractor for the job.

We are certified in industry best practices, and have participated in Owens Corning’s Preferred PRIDE Program for “Professional Roofing Installation that Delivers Excellence.”

We have completed the Owens Corning™ Total Protection Roofing System™ Training. This training provides us with extensive knowledge on components of the Total Protection Roofing System™ enabling us to help you select the appropriate products to complete your roofing project.

We have high reviews all across the web and that is proof that we are good at what we do. We are five star BBB accredited and we are known for taking care of you and your home correctly the first time.



Guaranteed Protection!

We have been in the business for a long time. We know that your safety and ours comes first. We make sure anyone on any job that we do is always protected. We are fully licensed and insured for everyone’s peace of mind.

If you have an emergency, we are here to  help you as fast as possible. Many emergencies happen during heavy rains or winds causing water to pass through any crease it can locate and get into your home causing severe damage to the inside and outside of walls. Falling trees can also cause serious damage to a roof due to high winds. We are here to help you get your roofing issues resolved right away.

Please contact us right away and we will assist you as soon as possible.CERTIFIED GAF & OWENS


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