Prevent Ice Dams with the Best Roof Melt Systems in CT

Ice dams are a regular occurrence in Connecticut during the winter months. They are formed when parts of your roof heat up, forming ridges of ice in its corners and preventing melting snow from draining off the roof and into the gutter systems. The water from ice dams seeps into the roofing structure, causing damage to the roof’s shingles and underlying layers. Ice dams can be deadly to the foundation and layout of your house as they can cause your gutters or roofs to fall off. In addition, they can also cause severe damage to your home or office’s insulation systems and walls.

As one of the most trusted and leading roofing professionals in the area, we are committed to serving the Connecticut community. We operate as a full-service roofing company and remain dedicated to providing roofing services at competitive rates. At LA Roofing, we believe that everyone deserves access to safe and comfortable homes and offices; Therefore, we have partnered with the leading roofing manufacturers in the industry to provide our valued customers with the best. At LA Roofing, our core values are customer satisfaction, loyalty, and quality assurance. Following our values has helped us succeed and grow into one of the most trusted CT roofing companies.

Houses and offices can easily be damaged if they are prone to the formation of ice dams, which is why we bring our customers the best roof melt systems in Connecticut. Our ice melt for roofs system is the most effective one in the region because the system does a great job at melting ice dams on your roof without causing any damage to it.

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We Provide Effective Roof Ice Melt Systems

A roof ice melt system is used to remove the existing ice dams on your roof and prevent new ones from forming in the future. Roof ice melt systems do an excellent job at preventing damage from ice dams. We use two kinds of roof deicing systems to remove the ice dams formed on your roof. Our most used roof deicing systems include:

Roof Deicing Cables: Roof deicing cables can be installed on your roof to prevent the formation of ice dams. They are installed over the gutters on the roof and have a wavy shape. Adding deicing cables to your roof keeps the temperature of your roof high, ensuring that ice dams do not form and that water is constantly drained.
Radiant Edge System: These are installed along the edge of the roof and ensure that ice present along the edge keeps melting, preventing the formation of any dangerous ice dams. The radiant edge system efficiently guarantees that water runs along the roof towards the gutters and the drainage system.
The best part about choosing us to install your ice melt system is that it’s affordable. Our roofers will assess your residential or commercial structure thoroughly before suggesting a melt system that would be suitable for your structure. Our roofers are equipped with outstanding local skills and knowledge, so they know the systems that work well in Connecticut. Our friendly and passionate roofers go out of their way to ensure that our services exceed your expectations.

Why You Should Install Our Reasonable and Efficient Ice Dam Prevention System

At LA Roofing, we believe our valued customers deserve access to the best roofing services. We ensure that our customers are always satisfied with our services and continue living safe and comfortable lives under their roofs. If you choose us to install your ice dam prevention system, you are guaranteed the following benefits:

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At LA Roofing, we believe that our customers should receive the best services at the most competitive rates. We offer our services at the most reasonable rates across Connecticut.

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Our specialists are equipped with local knowledge and years of experience in the roofing industry. From installing roofs to adding new parts to them - our proactive team has done it all. Our experts are devoted to every project and ensuring there are no errors in the outcome.

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Installing roof melt systems can be a complex process, which is why you need experienced professionals so they can carry out the task efficiently and flawlessly, without taking up too much of your time. Our outstanding roofers work around the clock and know to install deicing systems quickly and efficiently.

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Fully Licensed and Insured

We operate as a fully licensed and insured company for your safety and ours. We strictly adhere to regulations and protocol while carrying out our tasks and use only the equipment that complies with regulatory standards.

How to Melt Ice on Roof Quickly and Efficiently

Ice dams can be challenging to get rid of without the help of a professional. While most people try to carry out the challenging task of ice melt removal themselves, we strongly suggest against it as doing it yourself can cause long-term damage to your roof and lead to hefty expenses in the future. At LA Roofing, our experts specialize in ice dam melting procedures and can carry out the task rapidly and efficiently.

If you want to know how to melt ice on roof, we recommend implementing the following methods to get rid of ice dams quickly and efficiently to prevent any damage to your roof.

Professional Steam: You can request a professional to steam your ice dams using high-quality steaming equipment that will heat the ice and generate significant pressure to evaporate it. The professional steaming process involves the removal of excessive snow using a snow rack. Shoveling is followed by steaming the ice dam quickly and efficiently. This procedure allows you to get rid of ice dams while ensuring that your home does not suffer any damage.

Snow Removal: Ice dams are a result of excess snow collected on your roof. Removing snow as soon as you notice ice dams forming is crucial to prevent them from causing damage. However, leaving a thin layer of snow on the roof is essential to avoid damaging roof shingles or any other parts of the roofing structure.

Use Hot Water: In addition to following the steps mentioned above, we can also pour hot water over ice dams to allow them to melt and drain away. However, this step must be observed by a roofing professional because if the water is poured improperly, the roof structure can suffer damage.

Taking care of an ice melt for roofs is a demanding task. However, with the right equipment and knowledge, the process can be made more straightforward. For example, if you notice the formation of ice dams on your roof, all you have to do is book an appointment, and our team will arrive at the site within a few hours to take care of the matter for you. To learn more about our roof ice melt systems, please give us a call today!

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