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Is Winter Roof Replacement a Good Idea? Uncovering the Truth 

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Replacing your roof is generally a process that requires a lot of planning. In the early stages, you’ll likely find yourself contemplating various questions including, how much will this cost? Which company am I going to hire? How long will this process take, and finally, what time of year should I replace my roof?

If you were to ask the average person when the best time of year to replace a roof is, they’ll likely throw out one of the more temperate seasons like fall or spring. Or they’ll answer summer due to its flexible scheduling and longer days. It’s probably safe to assume that most people’s minds wouldn’t jump straight to winter. There’s a good chance a lot of people out there don’t even realize that you can replace a roof during the winter months. Ironically, not only can you replace a roof in winter, but there are even potential benefits to choosing to do so.

Replacing a Roof During the Winter in New England versus Elsewhere

To be fair, the United States is highly diverse from a landscape and climate perspective. Ergo, where you live plays a key role in how you experience winter. For instance, replacing a roof in the wintertime in Arizona is a much different experience than replacing a roof in the wintertime in Minnesota. So, while it might seem obvious that you can replace a roof during the wintertime in Hawaii, what happens when you live in an environment where winter means snow, shorter days, and colder temperatures? Can you replace a roof when going by this set of criteria? The answer is still yes. 

Even if winter is not most people’s ideal season for undergoing a roof replacement, it’s still highly important to have professional roofers available to provide services. Wintertime replacements must be available because certain replacements require you to spring into immediate action. Sometimes, even if you want to, you don’t have the luxury of waiting for the spring or fall to commission a replacement. Serious damage to the roof might have you in search of help ASAP.  

However, despite the obvious setbacks and challenges that coincide with winter replacements, there are some benefits to consider that you might find surprising.

Wintertime Replacement: Let’s Talk Advantages

From the jump, it might seem somewhat silly to opt for a winter replacement. However, there are a handful of reasons to not only settle for a winter replacement but to actively CHOOSE one. Here are some reasons why a winter replacement might just be the right fit for you.

Real-Life Testing Capabilities: As the first (and really, only) line of defense against the elements, your roof will likely have waterproof or insulating properties to help it stand up against the elements. Winter creates scenarios in real time where the roof’s function can be tested against snow and rain. This also goes for other components of the roof, like gutters, for example. This type of hands-on testing would be much harder to execute in the dead of summer.

Scheduling: Most people are probably not going to opt for a winter replacement unless they have a specific reason for doing so. Because of this, the winter months are usually far more flexible when it comes to scheduling. It’s going to be a lot harder to get the prime slot of time in the middle of fall than in the dead of winter. However, as a winter customer, you’ll most likely have multiple time slots to choose from, giving you a lot more flexibility as far as scheduling is concerned.

Strength of Materials: By design, many materials are designed to help withstand low temperatures and other seasonal challenges. However, certain materials will have to be utilized in the project at hand or else it risks nit failure and incompletion. Certain materials like metal panels are built to withstand colder temperatures effectively, as they are not fazed by harsh temperatures and can easily expel ice and water.

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Winter Pricing: The Perfect Seasonal Steal

Perhaps one of the most enticing reasons for replacing your roof in the winter boils down to one thing, pricing. Many companies will lower their prices or run special promotions and deals because the number of customers coming in for service is less than in previous months. A deal is always worth looking into, especially if it can help you work with a provider that may have been previously beyond your budget. 

Speaking of budgets, at LA Roofing, Massachusetts and Connecticut’s premier roofing company, we are currently offering one of the best sales of this year as a way to say thank you to our customers for keeping us in business. Whether naughty or nice, you can get $1500 off a roll roof replacement on contacts signed before Dec 25th. This deal is available for all of our customers living in both Massachusetts and Connecticut. Now, you can experience the pleasure of working with New England’s premier roofing company at our best price yet. With a decreased price, and a flexibility unheard of during peak business months, you get the best of LA Roofing when you opt for our holiday deal.  

This holiday season, make your home extra special and choose LA Roofing to install your brand-new roof. To learn more about this deal and how our process works, give us a call or visit us online at any time, from anywhere for more details.

The Importance of Picking a Reputable Crew

Whether you choose to work with LA Roofing or another local crew. Whether you’re out west, down south, or somewhere in the mid-country, it’s important to make certain of one thing- that you’re choosing to work with a company that has a proven track record and knows how to deliver. Ultimately, it won’t matter which season you choose to get your roof replaced, if the company that you’re working with isn’t a quality one. Your roof will be one of your home’s greatest investments, and it should be treated as such. One of the best ways to ensure that your investment goes the distance is to position yourself with a company that cares.

If you have any other questions about roof replacement CT in the winter, be sure to contact LA Roofing, your trusted Connecticut local roofing contractor. Your reputable Connecticut Roofing Company will be happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have. So don’t wait – take action today to protect your home and increase the longevity of your roof.

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