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Quick And Responsive Ice Dam Prevention In Manchester, Hartford & Surrounding Area

House with excessive snow collected on the roof

Ice dams are ridges that form due to excessive snow collected on the roof and prevent the melting snow from draining into the gutter and downspouts. They pose a risk to residents and pets because as the snow starts melting and falling to the ground, residents and pets can slip and fall. Ice dams are also a common phenomenon in Connecticut, and it is essential to find a professional roofer with decades of experience in ice dam removal CT residents need. A professional contractor follows specific steps to ensure the safe removal of ice dams from residential and commercial roofs. Call LA Roofing today for the best ice dam removal CT has ever seen!

Due to our local expertise and knowledge, LA Roofing is one of the most trusted companies in ice dam removal Hartford CT residents rely on. Our roofers have years of experience in removing ice dams from the roofs of Connecticut homes and offices. At LA Roofing, our core values are customer service, quality assurance, and loyalty. Earning our customers’ trust is our top priority, which is why we go out of our way to exceed their expectations and ensure that there is no room for dissatisfaction.

Ice dams can be dangerous, and it is not a task that you should undertake without the supervision of a professional. This is why we have a 24/7 emergency department in place. Our emergency specialists are equipped with the skills, training, and resources to respond to emergencies such as extensive ice dam buildup within a few minutes and work proactively under high-pressure situations. We understand the severity of the problems posed by ice dam buildups, which is why we use top-notch equipment and tools to remove them safely without causing any damage to the roof.For the best ice dam removal Hartford CT residents love, please give us a call today!

We Provide Effective Ice Dam Prevention CT Residents Need

Ice dams formed on the corner of the roof

Ice dams are tough to remove, and their presence poses a significant risk to you and your loved ones, but you can prevent ice dams by taking specific measures under the supervision of a professional.

If you often find ice dams forming on your commercial and residential structures, it is time to start considering ways to stop them from forming again. Maintaining your roof’s temperature at the same level as the roof eaves play a vital role in preventing the formation of ice dams. You can accomplish this by enhancing ventilation, adding insulation layers to your roof, and ensuring that there are no spots on the roof causing air leaks.
When it comes to ice dam prevention CT residents appreciate that our team will inspect your roof to suggest methods to implement the strategies mentioned above effectively. Adding skylights or sun tunnels to your roof is an excellent strategy to prevent ice dams since it improves ventilation while increasing the amount of natural light that enters your homes and offices. We have also partnered with Velux, the leading manufacturer of sun tunnels and skylights, to install them.

Another step that you can take to prevent ice dam formation is to install a roof ice dam membrane. The roof ice dam membrane is formulated to prevent water from entering the roof deck. Adding an ice and water protector is another protective measure that prevents water from entering the roof deck. It is made of polymer-modified bitumen and is formulated to protect sensitive areas on roofs prone to damage. Removing snow continuously from roofs to prevent excessive snow buildup on your roof is vital to ensure that ice dams do not form.

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As the leaders in ice dam removal Manchester CT residents love, we assist our customers by suggesting ways to prevent the formation of ice dams on their roofs. We recommend that our customers clean their gutters and downspouts regularly as it allows consistent drainage of melting ice dams without damaging their roofs. Staying in touch with a roofing professional for constant maintenance is crucial for protecting one’s roof.

In addition, our experts in ice dam removal Manchester CT residents appreciate that our team also recommends our customers install a soffit-and-ridge ventilation system as it is the best when it comes to preventing ice dam formation. It allows continuous ventilation by maintaining the roof's temperature at the same level as the roof eaves. We also ask our customers to ensure that there are no leaking air vents, so the air is constantly circulated in the attic. Lastly, assessing your attic to look for sources that can cause the room to heat up quickly is vital. Eradicating heat sources prevents your attic from heating up excessively and prevents ice damming effectively.

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